Framelight PV System Overview

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Framelight PV offers a straightforward way to construct glass block panels without the use of mortar. A simple UPVC plastic profile replicates the mortar joint and is bonded to the blocks using Framelight PV Adhesive. Once the adhesive has cured (24 hrs) a grout is applied to the panel. Finishing tiles, timber, metal or plastic profiles can be applied to cover the exposed edges of the glass block panel.

This system is recommended for internal use and is ideal for shower screens, panels within partition walls, room dividers and interior features within homes. It is only used for straight walls.


  • Glass block walls are self supporting, but not load bearing.
  • A glass block panel should never be freestanding.
  • Maximum panel size recommended when constructing with Framelight PV for internal use only up to 9m². (Vertical dimension not to exceed 2.4m).)
  • For best integral strength, glass blocks should be installed into a suitable four sided pre-prepared opening. This opening can be timber, brick, steel, concrete or block work.
  • Openings must be square and perpendicular and made to suit glass block modules.
  • Glass blocks cannot be cut like masonry bricks or tiles
  • To construct a glass block panel into opening using Framelight PV, the process is very simple. All that is required are the glass blocks, Framelight PV spacer strips, Framelight PV glue and panel grout.
  • Glass blocks expand and contract with temperature change
  • Glass blocks should not be installed when the surrounding temperature is 5°C and falling or 30°C and rising.
  • The frame, within which the glass blocks are constructed, must be sufficiently strong to provide support to the glass block wall.
  • The blocks, PV kit and frame support must only be installed in clean and dry conditions.
  • When installing the Framelight PV perimeter strips around the panel, fixing screws should be installed to provide additional support.
  • All dimensions, where given, are approximate and should be confirmed on site.
  • Framelight PV is not suitable for use in fire rated walls. Please seek specific advice from our Technical Department for such applications.


Tools required

  • Pointing trowel
  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Caulking gun
  • Spirit level

Component Schedule

  • Glass Blocks
  • Framelight PV System
  • Framelight PV Glue
  • Grout

These instructions are for guidance only. They are not intended to imply suitability for any purpose.
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