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Framelight PV System - Step by Step Installation Guide

First things first: calculate the wall opening

Before anything, you will need to calculate the wall opening for your Framelight PV kit. To calculate the wall opening area, take the following steps:

1. Work out how many blocks wide or high your panel will be.

2. Take the width of the block, normally 190mm, and add on 6mm for joint width 190+6 = 196mm.

3. Multiply the number of blocks in the panel width or height by 196mm and then add on 8mm to give the finished opening size. Example:-

Panel: 6 blocks wide (190x190mm blocks) (190+6) x 6 = 1176mm + 8mm = 1185mm

Note: The Framelight PV Kit page will automatically calculate the correct opening size for you based on your selections.

Maximum Panel Sizes

Fixed to 1 wall and floor 2200mm high x 1400mm wide (11 x 6 blocks)

Fixed to 2 walls, floor and ceiling 2400mm high x 3000mm wide (12 x 15 blocks)

Timber, metal or plastic profiles can be applied to cover exposed edges of the glass block panel

fig. 1
Step 1
All materials such as wallpaper, carpet, lino, laminated flooring, etc. must be removed prior to installation. The structure to receive the adhesive should be clean, dry and strong enough to support the new wall. Ensure the floor is level and the wall is vertical. Fix initial profiles to structure with Framelight PV adhesive. The initial profiles may also be plugged and screwed in addition to the adhesive.

fig. 2
Step 2
Apply Framelight PV adhesive. Each profile should have 2 no. 3-4mm beads of adhesive. Once applied the block or profile must be position before the adhesive begins to skin over. Only apply the adhesive immediately prior to installation.

fig. 3
Step 3
Blocks must always have both adhesive and profiles between them.

fig. 4
Step 4
Continue building courses. The joints between the longer Framelight PV profiles should be staggered (see fig. 5). to provide additional strength. Check the wall during construction to ensure the panel is both vertical and straight. Note: for walls that exceed the length of the profile, horizontal length must be staggered.

fig. 5

fig. 6
Step 5
Grout after 24 hours. The Framelight PV adhesive takes approximately 7 days to reach its full cure.

These instructions are for guidance only. They are not intended to imply suitability for any purpose.
Glass block panels are not load bearing. The Framelight PV System is not suitable for fire rated walls.