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We manufacture an extensive range of high performance Sentinel entrance mats, specially designed for heavy traffic locations such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, leisure centres and office premises, and even very heavily trafficked zones in airports, passenger transport interchanges and underground stations where flame retardant solutions are required. Each mat is individually designed and manufactured at Shackerley's Lancashire production facility to meet your exact requirements


Shackerley is the UK's leading supplier of ceramic granite ventilated rainscreens. Our Queen's Award winning Sureclad system transforms and protects buildings all across the country with stunning monolithic facades made of fully vitrified ceramic granite in an extensive array of colourways and finishes. Façade panel sizes range from 600x300mm to 1800x1200mm and our Sureclad carrier systems are available to cater for all formats, providing a safe, secure and stress-free mechanical fix.


Our 'All Weather' tactile flooring enables all those responsible for public buildings and open spaces to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and alert visually impaired people to the presence of potential hazards such as staircases, ramps and platform edges. With the ability to supply profiled tiles in specifications and configurations to meet any required standard we serve a growing worldwide market for 'Foot Braille' with our fully vitrified ceramic granite tactile tiles, enhanced with through body corundum for exceptional durability and wear resistance.